Modo Front projection setup

So, say you want add some CG to footage you just shot on your cool HD /DSLR …what do you do?

After you shoot some footage and pick the section you want to add CG to, you then need to track or matchmove the footage and export the information to your 3D application. In this case we’re using Footage form a Canon 5D tracked in Synteyes and exported to Modo 401.

Now you can start to add some of the elements that you see in your footage into your 3D workspace. We added three of the pillars in this garage. This allows you to have CG models move around, behind and interact with the things in your film footage.

This video shows how to set up your scene and the items in it with proper surface settings so you can have them appear 100% seamless in your final renders.

If you want more detailed info, contact me

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